January 4, 2023

Array Solders Conflict-Free Mineral Policy

To All Interested Parties,

Array Solders, a leading manufacturer of solder preforms, is committed to responsible sourcing and the promotion of conflict-free minerals. This policy outlines our commitment to ethical practices and our efforts to ensure that the minerals used in our products are sourced from responsible supply chains.

Conflict-Free Minerals

Array Solders is dedicated to avoiding the use of minerals sourced from regions associated with human rights abuses, environmental damage, or other unethical practices. Specifically, we are committed to ensuring that the minerals tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold (3TG) used in our solder preforms are conflict-free.

Supply Chain Due Diligence

We implement rigorous due diligence measures to ensure that our supply chain is free from minerals sourced from conflict-affected regions, including those defined as conflict or high-risk areas. We work closely with our suppliers to verify the origin of the minerals and ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards.

Supplier Engagement

We actively engage with our suppliers to promote responsible sourcing practices. We require our suppliers to provide declarations and certifications guaranteeing that the minerals supplied to us are conflict-free and comply with industry standards and regulations.

Industry Collaboration

We actively participate in industry initiatives and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to support responsible mineral sourcing. We engage with industry associations, advocacy groups, and other organizations to promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Employee Awareness and Training

We provide ongoing training and awareness programs to our employees to ensure they understand the importance of responsible mineral sourcing and the impact it has on affected communities and the environment. This enables them to actively support our commitment to conflict-free minerals.

Continuous Improvement

Array Solders is committed to continuously improving our responsible mineral sourcing practices. We regularly review and update our policies and procedures to align with evolving industry standards, regulations, and best practices.

Transparency and Reporting

We strive to maintain open and transparent communication with our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and the public, regarding our responsible mineral sourcing efforts. We provide regular updates on our progress and compliance through reports and public disclosures.

Customer Commitment

We understand the importance of responsible mineral sourcing to our customers. We are committed to meeting their requirements for conflict-free minerals and actively work with them to ensure compliance with their specific sourcing policies and standards.

Array Solders firmly believes that responsible mineral sourcing is essential for the sustainability and ethical integrity of our products. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain and promoting the well-being of affected communities.

Rolando P. Pavon


Array Solders

Array’s latest CRMT (6.22) can be found here.