Our Preforms are used in LED applications
Increase Production Yield

Streamline your process by utilizing solder preforms. Preforms deliver precise volume and flux where needed while saving time and resources.

Industries Served

Array serves a multitude of industries such as electronics, interconnect, hermetic packaging, defense, aerospace, cable & harness just to name a few.

Other Products Offered

Array manufactures engineered solder materials used in assembly. From wire to ribbon, bar to flux, we have you covered.

LED Wafers
Quality Policy

Array Solders is committed to providing impeccable quality of service to its customers. To achieve this, we continuously strive to improve processes, products & services that exceed customer satisfaction.

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Engineered solder materials such as ribbon, spheres, wire, bar and rings are also offered by Array Solders.

Solder Preforms – Preforms are engineered shapes of solder that are used in numerous applications across a wide swath of industries.

Solder Ribbon/Foil – Ribbon can be custom made to meet your most demanding applications. Our fabrication process and quality procedures ensure that every inch of our ribbon stays within specification.

Customized Solder Preforms – If your assembly requires something customized, our engineering staff will gladly work with you to provide a solution. Offered in various alloys without flux and flux coated.

Spheres – Engineered solder materials such as spheres are used for joints in interconnections in assemblies used in the electronics, aerospace and automotive industries. Specialty alloyed spheres can also be used to solder jewelry and various other applications.

Wire Solder – For robotic or hand soldering applications, we offer a full line of wire solder. Our solder wire is offered with rosin, no clean and water soluble cores.

Bar Solder – For dip, wave and fountain soldering applications we offer bar solder in various alloys.

Rings, Segments and Wire Forms – Another line of engineered solder materials we fabricate are rings and wire forms in solder and brazing alloys. Our capabilities range from 0.015” to 12” ID, with a wire diameter from 0.005” and up. Wire form examples include frames, coils and more.

Last but not least, all items on this page are available in various alloys with varying melting points.

For more information on any of our products, reach out. One of our representatives will be in touch shortly.