Array Solders manufactures solder ribbon that can be custom made to meet your most demanding applications. Our fabrication process and quality assurance procedures ensure that every inch of our ribbon stays within specification. Array Solders offers ribbon extruded or precisely rolled from 0.0009 thick to widths up to 26″ wide on 3″ ID cardboard cores. Customized packaging is available upon request. Every inch of ribbon is inspected to ensure a bright, smooth finish that is smudge free, without lubrication oil, dirt, burrs or

Our solder ribbon is manufactured with virgin metals which meet the high standards. The purity level exceeds the industry requirements for allowable impurity levels which helps control dross levels. For alloy availability go here.

Solder Foil
Solder Ribbon


  • Minimum thickness .0009”
  • Maximum thickness .375” (extruded)
  • Thickness tolerance (rolling mill) +/- .0005” (extruded) +/- .032”
  • Minimum width capability .060”
  • Maximum width capability 26”
  • Camber .125” (maximum) (oil can effect)
  • Typical Core Sizes 3” or 6” (Customized packaging available upon request)
  • Maximum roll weight 30 lbs.

Applications for Solder Ribbon

  • Aerospace
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Automotive
  • Capacitors & Resistors
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Radiator/Heat Exchangers

Ribbon, or foil as it is also referred to, is measured by width, thickness and length.

Download our technical data sheet here: Array Solders Solder Ribbon Technical Data Sheet

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