Array Solders has served numerous industries with our products for over 30 years. Our solder preforms will provide you with an ideal method of not only delivering the precise solder volume and flux needed for through-hole connections, but they also eliminate the need for secondary solder processes. The preforms can be placed on the connector pin during PCB assembly using pick and place equipment. Solder washers can also be integrated into production using various fixturing methods. The connector pins are then reflowed at the same time as the solder paste.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM)

Array Solders - Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM)
Array Solders serves numerous electronic contract manufacturers with thousands of our solder preforms.

Of all the industries served, we perhaps do not work with one more than electronic contract manufacturers. From pins, to pads to fillets to thru-hole, Array Solders works proudly with of friends in the assembly industry.


Aerospace Connectors use solder preforms in their assembly.
Array Solders proudly serves the aerospace industries

Our preforms can be found in bound to wire connectors, cylindrical and coaxial connectors, terminals, splicers and couplers.

Cable Assembly

Array Solders - Markets Served - Cable Asembly
Array Solders specializes in manufacturing solder preforms for cable assembly applications as shown here.

 RF Microwave & Communications

Array Solders - RF Microwave & Communications
Array Solders fabricates solder materials used Communications and RF microwave applications.

For years Array Solders has provided solder preforms used in RF microwave components and subsystems to the defense, space and communications industries.  From the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of space microwave’s RF microwave components are literally everywhere.

Aerospace and Defense

Array Solders - Aersoapce & Defense Applications
Array Solders fabricates numerous solder components that are used in Aerospace and Defense applications.

Due to the sensitive nature of air and space travel and exploration, it comes as little surprise that the aerospace industry has some of the strictest requirements for components; tight tolerances and precise measurements are necessary for ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and the public.

Consequently, we hold some of the industry’s top certifications to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to safety and quality; we are currently , have the ability to build to U.S. military standards (Mil-Spec), and are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and (ITAR) International Traffic in Arms Regulations directives.


Array Solders - Markets Served - Medical
Array Solders fabricates numerous solder materials used Medical applications.

Medical devices are critical to the modern healthcare industry. Medical devices facilitate the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of illness and injury. Due to their use in highly sensitive medical applications, medical devices and their parts and components must also be manufactured to the highest possible level of precision. Some of the devices containing our preforms include probes, pumps, connectors and couplings.

Seismic Acquisition 

Array Solders - Markets Served - Seismic Acquisition
Array Solders is a global leader in supplying solder materials for Seismic Acquisition applications.

Oil and gas is a industry Array Solders proudly serves. Out in the field, our solder preforms are subject to intense stress and harsh operational conditions. Some of those elements include high temperature and pressure, wear and tear inflicted by mud, water, crude and other enviromental factors.

The majority of our preforms have been used for both an and off shore exploration. Array produces quality, durable solder preforms that delivery high performance and are able to withstand the demand of the oil and gas industry. Our preforms can be found in digitizers, seismic sensors and portable seismic stations. 


Array Solders - Markets Served - Semiconductor
Array Solders designs and fabricates numerous solder preforms used in die attach and die bonding applications in the semiconductor industry.

Array Solders is committed to the development of unique die attach products that are designed to meet the demanding applications for today and into the future of the power semiconductor industry.


Array Solders - Industries Served - Automotive
Array Solders supplies various solder materials for use in the Automotive industry.

Array Solders has provided products to the majority of the domestic automotive industry.

Our preforms’ flexible and complex design, cost savings and the quality assurance necessary for use in high production manufacturing. Some automotive devices containing our preforms include wire harnesses, connectors, terminals and positioning sensors. 


Renewable Energy

Array Solders - Markets Served - Renewable Energy  Industry
Array Solders fabricates various solder preforms used the fast growing Renewable Energy industry.

Of all our industries served, Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing. As the international community becomes more environmentally conscious, the renewable energy sector will keep expanding. The clean energy industry continues to gain economic influence and is expected to exceed $2.6 trillion by 2025.

This explosive growth is increasing demand for preforms and solder to be used in solar, wind, geothermal, and other clean energy applications.

Some of the devices containing our preforms include terminals, contacts and heat sinks. 

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