Our Preforms are used in LED applications
Increase Production Yield

Streamline your process by utilizing solder preforms. Preforms deliver precise volume and flux where needed while saving time and resources.

Industries Served

Array serves a multitude of industries such as electronics, interconnect, hermetic packaging, defense, aerospace, cable & harness just to name a few.

Other Products Offered

Array manufactures engineered solder materials used in assembly. From wire to ribbon, bar to flux, we have you covered.

LED Wafers
Quality Policy

Array Solders is committed to providing impeccable quality of service to its customers. To achieve this, we continuously strive to improve processes, products & services that exceed customer satisfaction.

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Array Solders Solder Wire

Is commonly used in electronics, heating, air conditioning, mechanical, fire sprinkler and other similar systems as well as radiator manufacturing, repair and sheet metal work. It is also used in jewelry and stained glass work. Solder must be strong enough to hold metal pieces together but must also be resistant to oxidization and other types of corrosion that can occur over time. Furthermore, solder must have a low melting point that allows it to be melted with a soldering gun or torch while also being sufficiently malleable for maximum effectiveness. For this reason, the most widely used wire solder offering the above attributes is lead and tin alloy.

Solder specifically, in the use of assembly and repair of plumbing applications is commonly void of the lead metal, as North American regulations call for lead-free solders. Array Solders supplies Lead Free solder that meets the following Standards and Regulations; ASTM B32-04 B 813-00, B-819, B 828-02.  Our Lead Free Silver Solder meets NSF Standards, which establishes minimum requirements for the control of potential adverse health effects from products which contact drinking water.

Lead free is suitable for all applications.

Sac 305 (96.5sn/3ag/.5cu)

Available Diameters:
.032″ to .250″
Customized diameters available upon request.

Available Cores:
No Clean
Water Soluble

Array Solders Leaded Solder

Leaded solder wire is suitable for electrical and non-electrical applications. Fabricated to J-STD-006.

Available in the following alloys:
Other specialty alloys are also available. Please inquire for more details.

Available Diameters:
.009” to .250”
Customized diameters available upon request.

Available Cores:
Water Soluble
No Clean

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