Solder Preforms

If you are looking to improve productivity and efficiency, Array Solders can be of help.

Preforms are precisely designed solder shapes that are fabricated to deliver the exact volume of solder for your application.

Array Solders offers preforms in a large variety of shapes such as washers, squares, discs and rectangles. Customized shapes can be fabricated for your specific application.

Advantages Presented by Solder Preforms

  • Deliver the correct amount of solder to the correct area at the correct time.
  • Eliminate the need for manual assembly, inspection and clean up.
  • Are are often the only way to solder difficult to reach joints.
  • Correctly designed preforms avoid assembly failures.
  • Can be flux coated or flux filled.

The use of preforms can provide a more consistent quality alternative to repetitive hand soldering applications. If core wire is being used to hand solder multiple leaded connectors, or to solder a non-planar area in a circuit assembly, preforms often offer a better solution. Preforms deliver the exact volume of solder required. They can be placed exactly where needed, and multiple solder joints can be reflowed simultaneously using a heat gun, or a reflow oven. Low melting temperature preforms are commonly used to eliminate disturbance of other solder joints already formed on the assembly. High-temperature preforms can be used if the hand soldering assembly is being performed before conventional SMT or wave soldering processes. .

Flux Coated Preforms

Array Solders’ unique flux coating process offers two distinct advantages over flux filled preforms: a flux-coated preform delivers flux to the area to be soldered when it is needed most — just before the solder is melted, and flux-coated solder is protected from oxidation. Oxide-free solder yields better wetting and joint strength, and can eliminate the formation of cold solder joints that can have a severe impact on product reliability.

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