Solder Washers
Washers are measured by outside diameter, inside diameter and thickness. Available plain, flux cored and flux coated.

Washers are offered plain, flux coated and flux cored in a variety of alloys and dimensions. We understand that every application has its own unique requirements, so if you need to know more, let’s start a conversation. A representative will be in touch with you shortly.

Solder Rectangles
Rectangles are measured by length, width and thickness. Available plain and flux coated.

Customized Solder Preforms
If your application requires a customized preform, contact us today to work with one of our engineers. We will help you find a solution. A non recurring engineering/tooling charge typically applies.

Solder Squares
Measured by equal length and width as well as thickness. Available plain or flux coated.

Solder Discs
Discs are measured by diameter and thickness. Available plain, flux coated and in some cases, flux cored.

Solder Ribbon
Ribbon, or foil as it is also referred to, is measured by width, thickness and length and is usually offered on a spool.

Solder & Brazing Rings (Split Ring)
Rings are available in a variety of solder and brazing alloys. Sizes vary from 0.015” to 12” ID, with a wire diameter from 0.005” and up.