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Streamline your process by utilizing solder preforms. Preforms deliver precise volume and flux where needed while saving time and resources.

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Array serves a multitude of industries such as electronics, interconnect, hermetic packaging, defense, aerospace, cable & harness just to name a few.

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Array manufactures engineered solder materials used in assembly. From wire to ribbon, bar to flux, we have you covered.

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Array Solders is committed to providing impeccable quality of service to its customers. To achieve this, we continuously strive to improve processes, products & services that exceed customer satisfaction.

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Flux coated solder preforms streamline your assembly process. One of the obstacles to a successful solder joint is an impurity at the site of the joint like dirt, oil or oxidation. The impurities can be removed by mechanical cleaning or by chemical means, but the elevated temperatures required to melt the filler metal (the solder) encourages the work piece (and the solder) to re-oxidize. This effect is accelerated as the soldering temperatures increase and can completely prevent the solder from joining to the work piece.

The most common type of flux used in electronics (soft soldering) was rosin-based, using the rosin drawn from pine trees. It was ideal in that it was non-corrosive and non-conductive at normal temperatures but became mildly reactive (corrosive) at the elevated soldering temperatures. Plumbing and automotive applications, among others, typically use an acid-based flux which provides cleaning of the joint. These fluxes cannot be used in electronics because they are conductive and because they will eventually dissolve the small diameter wires. Many fluxes also act as a wetting agent in the soldering process, reducing the surface tension of the molten solder and causing it to flow and wet the work pieces more easily.

Advantages to Using Flux Coated Preforms

Solder preforms that have been pre-coated with flux are significantly more productive in processes that use flux. There is a wide variety of activity levels for rosin-based formulations.

Flux coatings maintain uniform coverage and are resistant to flaking and flux loss during storage and handling. Prior to the solder preform completely reflowing, the flux coating is activated. While providing wetting action for the substrates being soldered, it flows to cover the solder preform as it transitions from a solid to a liquid.

As opposed to flux filled preforms, flux coated preforms introduce the flux to the intended location sooner in the soldering process.

Ability to use precise amount of solder on application
Increase production yield.
Elimination of residue.
No need for manual soldering
Can be applied to most preforms
Compliant to IPC standard J-STD-004B

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